John Laing, the active investor in greenfield infrastructure projects, is delighted to report the official opening of the I-4/S.R.408 Interchange in Florida three months ahead of schedule.

Officially opened by Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, the interchange, which comprises five flyover ramps and is the most complex part of the 21-mile project, has been completed early in part because of increased construction work during recent periods of decreased traffic flows due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Playing a significant role in enhancing both safety and mobility for I-4 users, and reducing travel times in the heart of Florida, construction of the I-4 project is expected to be fully completed during 2021. However, in early April 2020, Governor DeSantis challenged the Florida Department of Transport to find ways to accelerate construction of certain elements whilst there was less traffic on the road.

“Today I announced the opening of five new flyover ramps that compose the most impactful portion of the I-4 Ultimate Project in Central Florida three months ahead of schedule,” said Governor DeSantis. “The completion of this project will make a big difference for Floridians who commute through this area. Secretary Thibault of the Florida Department of Transportation has shown his commitment and dedication in completing this project expeditiously and I look forward to seeing more infrastructure projects like this finish ahead of schedule.”

During this period of acceleration, the I-4 Ultimate team has been working safely at more than 12 locations, putting in place extended land and ramp closures and enabling the progression of the project with minimal disruption to traffic.

“This opening marks an important milestone for the I-4 project,” said Jan van de Meene, CEO of I-4 Mobility Partners and John Laing team member. “Being able to accelerate construction during a period of turmoil such as the COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated our adaptability and dedication to actively managing progress on our projects, and we are delighted that construction on this complex element has been finished so far ahead of schedule and with such success. When completed, this project will make a huge difference to the locals and visitors to the central Florida region, speeding up journey times and making the travelling experience more efficient.”