We believe that responsible investment is key to fulfilling our purpose to foster sustainable development of new infrastructure. By managing sustainability risks and considerations throughout the investment cycle, we can create shared value for our stakeholders. We approach these risks to both minimise the downside as well as maximise the opportunities associated with these investments, with our ambition to improve the lives of communities around the world as we invest in infrastructure projects which respond to public needs.

COVID Communities Response Fund

At John Laing, aligned to our purpose of delivering value to all stakeholders, we support charitable initiatives targeting the communities in which we live and work. Throughout 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic was at the forefront of our charitable giving. We identified key organisations to support, concentrating our efforts on the consequences of lockdown.

In April 2020, we established the John Laing COVID Communities Response Fund (the ‘Fund’) to target organisations based on four pillars of need and experiencing increased demand as a result of lockdown as well as a reduced ability to fundraise. Alongside the Fund, we continued to fundraise for other important causes and were fortunate to partner with the John Laing Charitable Trust on a number of initiatives.

The Fund’s donation strategy was focused on four pillars: (i) food poverty, (ii) homelessness, (iii) mental health and (iv) supporting others in need. Under these pillars, John Laing employees selected charities that offered services to groups and communities affected by the far reaching impact of the pandemic. We are delighted to have had the support of the Trust, who donated an additional £210,000 to a number of organisations in receipt of John Laing’s COVID donations.

In response to the pandemic, John Laing pledged £500,000 to a number of organisations, a few of which have been highlighted below: