In June 2018, John Laing invested a 47.5% equity stake in the De Groene Boog consortium for the A16 Rotterdam project, an availability-based road project in the Netherlands.

The project consists of a new 11 km connection between the A13 and A20 motorways north of Rotterdam in order to relieve congestion and improve access to The Hague airport. The road will be energy neutral once operational i.e. as much energy will be used as is generated from solar panels and it will be the first energy neutral highway with a tunnel in the Netherlands. The Lage Bergse Bos will be the first energy-neutral tunnel in the world, it will general energy using 20,000 m² of solar panels. The new national road will be fitted with earth embankments, a semi-sunken tunnel of, noise barriers and extra noise reducing asphalt.

In 2020, it was awarded a ‘Duurzame Parel’ (Sustainable Pearl) award in recognition of its sustainable civil engineering approach.

Several measures were implemented to preserve the environment and ensure safety on the site. A free-standing road dedicated to construction traffic was installed along the entire route to separate construction traffic from regular traffic. The area surrounding the works is home to bats. To compensate for the removed greenery and safeguard their habitat, a special guide cloth has been hung up.