The investment in Denver Eagle in 2010 marked John Laing’s entry into the US P3 market and was the country’s first public-private partnership transit project. It was signed by the Denver Transit Partners (DTP) consortium and client, Regional Transportation District in August 2010.

The Project consists of the design, build, finance, maintenance and operation (“DBFOM”) of three new commuter rail lines to expand transit across the Denver metropolitan area, including a line connecting Denver International Airport and Denver Union Station. This includes approximately 35 miles of commuter rail transit lines, rolling stock, a commuter rail maintenance facility and systems and track improvements to Denver Union Station.

A map showing the Denver rail network

As a 45% equity owner in Denver Transit Partners (the “Consortium”) and active investor, John Laing appointees hold key positions within the Project, including the Chief Executive, as well as at the board level. The Group has played an active role in the successful delivery of the Project through construction and into operations. The third and final line opened in April 2019, and Denver Eagle is now building a strong operational track record. In late 2020, the project was successfully refinanced, reflecting the completion of construction and strong operational performance. As a result, the project’s debt service costs have been reduced, with the resulting savings shared with Regional Transportation District.

The Project is designed to help reduce congestion and provide a safe, affordable and reliable transport option for the 2.8 million people living in Denver’s growing metropolitan area. The Consortium has had a strong focus on local procurement, and the Project has contributed to economic growth in the region, with over US$900 million spent in the local economy to date.

For further information on Denver Eagle, please view this pdf.