New Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia

John Laing's investment in the New Royal Adelaide Hospital (“NRAH”) in 2011 marked the Group's entry into the Australian PPP market. NRAH was successfully delivered by Celsus, a consortium in which John Laing held a 17.26% share.

The availability-based project consisted of the financing, design, construction and operation of non-clinical services for 35-years. Subsequent to investing in NRAH in 2011, John Laing worked closely with its partners on this AUD1.85 billion project through the construction phase, successfully bringing it into operation in 2017.

Located in Adelaide, NRAH is South Australia's flagship hospital. This 800-bed facility provides a comprehensive range of complex clinical services and care to an estimated 85,000 inpatients and 400,000 outpatients each year. The hospital is a state-of-the-art, innovative facility with patient care and sustainability at the heart of the design. Patient care is enhanced by the use of natural light, fresh air and single occupancy overnight rooms. One of Australia's more technologically advanced healthcare facilities, the hospital integrates innovations across health, education and research to deliver high quality care. The site incorporates approximately 3.8 hectares of landscaped environment, including approximately 1.6 hectares of green space within the hospital, comprising internal courtyards and sky gardens.

NRAH has been awarded a 4 Star Green Star by the Green Building Council of Australia, recognising the hospital's commitment to environmentally sustainable design and building practices

Please view below a virtual tour of hte New Royal Adelaide Hospital.